Why does she eat this way?

img_3236Junior year of high school I was running cross country (going on six years), was the heaviest girl on the team and at my heaviest weight of close to 200 Lbs. Now hear me out, I loved my body. I still rocked a bikini on the beach and worked just as hard at cross country, if not more, as all the other skinnier girls on my team + I never placed last in a race. (Cheers to you Coach Yahr for making my thunder thighs strong.)


Now I run as a collegiate D1 athlete, weigh almost 70Lbs less, run way faster (like a lot) and have so much joy in my heart it is annoying.

You may be wondering why am I writing about my weight from three years ago. Well to answer your question is because up until three years ago I was eating food that was terrible for me and therefore made me feel terrible.

Eating healthy makes you feel happy.

In 2016 Austrailian research found that the sense of well-being improved from increased amount of eating more fruits and veggies. Eating well gives you sustained energy and energy = happy. The moment I cut out gluten, dairy and food with added sugar out of 95% of my meals, my life changed. My energy levels sky rocketed and the confidence I gained from a change in my running was a shock. Who knew that eating healthy would make you happy.

According to LIVESTRONG, “…reports that two-thirds of individuals who claim to have no mental health problems eat fresh fruits or fruit juices every day. Fewer than half of those who reported mental health problems enjoyed fresh produce.”

It is no secret that senior year can be stressful for students. Now add on the fact of being a female… a female who has to break up with a boy because she’s leaving for college and wants a fresh start… a female who is finally kicking butt at cross country but has the pressure to lead her team and qualify for the State Cross County Race… a female who does not know who she truly is. Life is already hard for senior girls, but you feed them good food then you get a girl who is thriving in those situations.

Healthy food helped me. Healthy food helped me love myself more. Healthy food helps me now.

I do not eat the way I do to be skinny, I eat this way because it makes me healthy. I have the energy to make it through the day and
img_0228 I do not get so full from processed food that I feel bad about what I just ate.

The TODAY show says that people who are already happy and have happy outlooks on life choose the healthier option, which fuels their mood. People who eat healthy are less likely to get sick and live longer, by 7-1o years longer.

My life as a 200 lb/size 14 girl was rough sometimes. I could eat a gallon of ice cream by myself and take on three of Sonic’s
footlong Coney dogs. There was no satisfaction in eating the way I did and all I was doing was making myself more tired, more depressed and more prone to knee problems. That all changed when I changed my diet. 70 lbs and 12 pant sizes later, I am a girl who is a thriving in college and thriving in my running.

Change the way you eat and see what happens in your life. Remember to always love yourself first.

Always a pleasure,

– J

PS. Thankful for my Mom for teaching me how to grocery shop and introducing me to the Whole30. Could not have made it without her.



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