Healthy Gluten + Dairy-Free Breakfast | 5 Min

Wake up with Coffee, Sunrise and Waffles

What a beautiful morning it was. I have an amazing guy who took me out to a field this morning to watch the sunrise with my dog and I.


Just some of my favorite pics from this morning. Aaron Wilhite is an amazing videographer/photographer and I am so thankful that I have someone in my life to capture every moment.

I got home from our sunrise date with a hunger that had to be treated! I have a long day of classes on Thursdays so I need something that will fill me up. Publix carries its Green-Wise brand of gluten-free waffles and they are cheaper than the leading brands, so I always grab a box!

This takes 5-Minutes so if you are in a rush like me in the morning, always a good choice! Pair it with some coffee, bananas, PB2 Peanut Butter and vegan/dairy-free butter and you’ve got yourself a YUMMY healthy breakfast!



  1. Green-Wise Gluten-Free Blueberry Waffles
    • $3.04 @Publix
  2. 1 TBS of PB2 Peanut Butter
    • $4.32 @Walmart
    • A little pricey, but I do not put it in a lot of things so it lasts forever
    • It is gluten-free and has no additives + I can’t afford almond butter so this is the next best thing!
  3. 1 Banana
    • Honest story: I take them from my dining hall… sorry, not sorry. #free #poor #college
  4. 1/2 TBS of Cashew Milk
  5. Dairy-Free Butter (optional)


  1. Put two waffles in a toaster over/toaster and heat for 2-3Min
  2. For PB2: mix 1TBS of PB2 w/ 1/2 TBS of Cashew Milk
  3. Spread butter & PB2 on waffles
  4. Add banana slices

Coffee: A lot of people ask me constantly if I drink coffee. The answer is yes! But, I do not drink it black. Gross. I buy dairy-free SO DELICIOUS Creamer. It taste so yummy!

This coffee cup just truly describes my day! HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY EVERYONE.

Enjoy your waffles. Enjoy your life.


Jenna’s Thoughts

All I can say about this is, it is a quick make and yummy eat.

Stay awesome,




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