Sweet Potato Toast 3-Ways

Happy Finals Week College Students!

Wow it is the end of sophomore year and I am feeling pretty bittersweet about it all, but it mean I am one year closer to hitting the adult world! It is essential during finals week that you are eating a full hearty breakfast and getting all the nutrients you need. Brain gains are just as important as body gains, so get all your nutrients in so you can be awake, coherent and healthy during finals. This breakfast is amazing, especially if you love sweet potatoes. It’s easy and does not take much time at all.

food 3



  1. 1xSweet Potato
    • $1.98 3lb Bag @Walmart
  2. Almond/Cashew/Peanut Butter
  3. Vegan Dairy-Free Butter
  4. 1 Egg


  1. Peel and cut the sweet potato 1/4 inch long ways
  2. Toast in a toaster oven at 300’F for 15 min or put in toaster two rounds
  3. Add Egg to one slice – garnish with parsley and paprika
  4. Spread butter and cinnamon on one slice
  5. Add Almond/Cashew/Peanut Butter to slice (I use PB2)


Jenna’s Thoughts

I love sweet potatoes but only if they are crunchy and like toast or fries. This is perfect if you want something filling for breakfast and you can add any type of topping to it you like! Also, the benefits of it being healthy, nutrient filled and a great source of Vitamin A. This is really random but my dog even enjoyed a slice this morning. Sweet potatoes are really yummy for doggos and puppers. Track season is over and summer training is about to start, so my mileage and intensity are down. This means I need to make up for it as much as I can with eating until hardcore training starts again. The off and rest section of your running is very important. You need to take rest as seriously as your workouts. Listen to your body! Keep staying yummy friends!




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