Coconut Tarragon Chicken (GF|PALEO|WHOLE 30)

The kitchen is my home.

Okay – so my mother has decided to grow everything possible in her new garden. This weekend she sent me home with some fresh tarragon and oh, how I am in love.
I immediately dried it out in the over and saved the stems for later. Thanks, mom. Did you know tarragon is good to put in your shoes on walks to give you wisdom? Love that idea. Tarragon is also great for building muscle mass… so adding it to a protein-filled meat like chicken is wise. IT ALSO TASTE AMAZING!
I recommend using chicken breasts for this meal, but all we had was chicken tenderloins. So you do you.

Also, a big shout out to Aaron to coming all the way to Birmingham to visit me, cook with me and per usual hike with me without complaint.


1. 3 Chicken Breasts OR 3 Cups of Tenderloins
2. 1/2 TBS Dried Tarragon + 1 TSP for garnish
3. 2 1/2 TBS Coconut Oil
4. 3 TBS Coconut Aminos Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce
5. 1/2 Cup Diced Onion
6. 1 TBS Garlic Salt
7. OPTIONAL: 2 Cups Brown Rice
Brown Rice is not Whole30 or Paleo compliant (put on a bed of lettuce or pair it with anything you might like w/ chicken)

1. In a small bowl mix tarragon, (melted) coconut oil, coconut aminos and garlic salt
2. In a medium pan add olive oil (or whatever you cook with) heat medium-high and add chicken breast/tenderloins
– cook for 5-10 minutes
3. Add onions
4. Add sauce mix — slowly
5. Cook till chicken is 100% done
6. Garnish with more tarragon

Coconut Chicken

I put mine on a bed of brown rice BUT rice is not paleo / whole 30… so if you are doing that plan strictly DO NOT USE RICE. (:

Jenna’s Thoughts
Chicken is something I really like to eat after a harder run… this heat and humidity makes all my runs harder. (laugh) The chicken is so high in protein and has an important source of vitamins and minerals. The meat is also an easy meat to cook and you can do so many different recipes with it. I have never ever cooked with tarragon before so this was a learning process, but it turned out so good.
Life lesson: do not be afraid to try new things. Go be an adult in the kitchen or in life.

Stay great friends

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.44.12 PM


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