Welcome! About myself: The She

Hello! My name is Jenna. I am so excited that you stumbled upon my food blog. I am the she behind “what she eats” I am a running, dog mom of one, whole30/paleo eater.


Life as a college athlete is never easy, but I have found that eating paleo or whole30 makes things a lot easier on my weight and my running.

My junior year in high school I was about 200lbs and now after 4-years of living predominately paleo & sometimes whole30 I am closer to 120lbs. I used to not be able to run faster than a 9-minute mile or a 30-minute 5k, now I am running at on a collegiate D1 Cross Country / Track and Feild team and am close to hitting sub 20 in the 5k.

This lifestyle works. Mentally, physically and emotionally it benefits you.

I hope you enjoy and if you do not, well that is just the way the gluten free / dairy free / no added sugar cookie crumbles.


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