Healthy Granola

"Wow so granola. . . " - AW I love granola and the outdoors. You put those two together and you have one happy Jenna. This recipe is not exactly Paleo or Whole30, but hey it's healthier and cheaper than what you can get at the store. There is absolutely NO ADDED SUGAR in anything… Continue reading Healthy Granola


One Pan Chicken & Veggies

I'm late to the party Okay, so I know there are probably 1000 recipes out there of sheet pan recipes and I'm gonna be that person who adds another one to the list. Sorry if that means I am incredibly late to this sheet pan party. I am gonna be honest and say I do… Continue reading One Pan Chicken & Veggies

Whole30 Coconut Flour Salmon

Protein and Omega3's? Yes please! It's the holiday season (whoop-dee-do... ha see what I did there), which mean lots of food. It can be especially hard to stick to strict eating habits during the holiday season, especially when surrounded by LOTS of food. Trust me I am right there with you when you just want… Continue reading Whole30 Coconut Flour Salmon